The Bible: God’s Love Letter

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  John 3:16

This morning I was thinking about the Word of God and how literally impossible it could have been for someone to have written it.  There’s no person alive who has that type of all-knowing knowledge.  There’s no one who talks like God other than God Himself.  And there’s no one who could have orchestrated the authors to repeat the same message over and over again – JESUS!

The Bible is a special book.  It’s special because through it, God speaks to us.  The Bible is not boring or stuffy, it is riveting and refreshing.   The words on each page are unlike the words in other books because the Bible is God speaking to us.

I remember when I started reading the Bible.  I received a Living Bible as a high school graduation gift.  It was a hardback, the color green, and it was big.  Although I was not a Christian at the time, I was drawn towards this gift more than any other gift.  In fact, other than the gift I received from my parents, my Bible is the only other gift I remember and forty-three years later, I still have it and remember who gave it to me.

The first book I read was the book of Proverbs.  I liked it so much, I kept reading it over and over. I even remember reading it to some friends and telling them they ought to read the book of Proverbs too, because it had some good stuff in it!  Little did I know that would be the beginning of my love for God’s  Word.

I didn’t start out reading the Bible because I wanted to hear from God. I’m not even sure I thought of it as the Word of God. All I knew at the time was I had a Bible, I wanted to know what was in it, so I kept reading.

I read the Bible for a number of years before becoming a Christian. I had no idea at the time that the drawing I had to know what was in the Bible was coming from Him. Although I was not seeking after God, He was seeking after me.

The Bible is not just for Christians to read. The Bible is for every whosoever will who picks one up to read it.  God used the Bible to change my life. I started out reading as a whosoever will and at the age of twenty-two gave my heart and soul to Jesus Christ.

If you are curious like I was to know what is in the Bible, I encourage you to start reading it.  Get a Living Bible, which is a paraphrase and is easy to understand.  My prayer for you as you read to know what is in the Bible, is that you will meet the Who of the Bible, Jesus!

About Deb Currier

I love Jesus, I love the Word of God and I love to encourage others to love and follow Jesus, too.
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7 Responses to The Bible: God’s Love Letter

  1. mrsbsock says:

    I just love your heart and so appreciate this read and your hearts desire for people to get in God’s Word!


  2. Reblogged this on stuff i tell my sister and commented:
    The Good Book….


  3. I have that same green Living Bible but I now prefer an NIV study Bible. Girl, you’ve got 3 typos in your post!


    • Deb Currier says:

      Thanks for the proofreading help! I went back corrected one but didn’t see the other two.


      • Oh my stars, Deb! I thought Stuff I Tell My Sister had written this and I’ve followed her for years. Didn’t realize she had reblogged it. The stuff I thought of as typos were in the last 2 paragraphs but is probably your writing style. Enjoyed reading it!


      • Deb Currier says:

        That’s okay. I didn’t mind. My husband helped me find a few more corrections. It’s amazing to me how I can read something over and over and still overlook spelling and grammar.


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